Intention Media produces and develops independent documentary films. We produced the award-winning PUPPET film - see trailer below - which premiered at the DOC NYC Festival and traveled to festivals worldwide. It was distributed on Netflix, iTunes and on the Documentary Channel. We have three projects in production including our newest project: SURGE. Please also see our SOHO MEMORY PROJECT and MOSQUITO trailers below.

SURGE Trailer: Surge is a documentary film in post-production by Hannah Rosenzweig and Wendy Sachs. On the cusp of a transformative moment in American history, SURGE captures the energy driving women to disrupt the status quo, raise their hands and run for office. For more info email us at: Film Description: SURGE is a film about this extraordinary moment, where a record number of first-time female candidates are running for elected office in 2018. Tired of being ignored, angered by current government policies, and anxious about the future of America, more than 40,000 women have announced their interest in running for office. SURGE follows several of these women from Texas, Indiana and Illinois on their exhaustive and exhilarating journeys to Election Day. Diverse in age, ethnicity and background, these candidates face similar uphill battles to raise money, beat incumbents and create history. SURGE explores the momentum of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements that fueled a wave of candidates and gave a collective sense of urgency to the 2018 election.

Director: David Soll
Producers: Hannah Rosenzweig, Jared Goldman

MOSQUITO, a documentary & scientific adventure by Jesse Epstein and Hannah Rosenzweig. A trio of Hungarian astrophysicists, who normally search the universe for black holes, try to stop the most dangerous animal on earth -- with lasers. MOSQUITO is a character-driven documentary following several quirky and passionate warriors in an age-old battle against the mosquito - man’s deadliest foe. In MOSQUITO, high-stakes scientific missions illuminate the interconnectedness of economic development, health, technological ingenuity, and climate change in the 21st century. This clip includes a sample of one of the stories we are following right now (rt: 16:44). Meet Szabolics Marka, Zsuzsa Marka and Imre Bartos, world-renowned astrophysicists at Columbia University.